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Let's Get Fundraising!



We offer private parties for fundraising events at our shop on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday evenings - our $50 after hours fee is waived to help with your fundraiser! You will have our entire shop for 2 hrs for your event as we are closed to the public on these evenings. You are welcome to bring food, drink (adult beverages too), run raffles, etc. for your event! 


We discount our studio fee for fundraisers to $6 per person (normally $8).  When you invite folks to your event, you set the "donation amount" for each guest's entry to include our studio fee paid in cash at the door - from that amount, you would pay us $6 per person and keep the rest as their donation for your organization. For example, if you collect $20 per person, you keep $14 per person as your donation (after deducting our $6 studio fee).  If 25 people attend, you would raise $350 ($14x25) for your fundraiser PLUS any raffles you may offer during the event. Guests choose from a variety of pottery to paint that evening - ranges in price from $5-$95 with average pricing $15-$25. The pottery painted that evening would be paid for by your guests directly to us and would be ready for pick up a week after the event. We can accept cash or credit cards for payment.

Please feel free to call (727) 483-9876 with any questions or to have us check our calendar for availability.  We would be glad to work with you to customize the event to assist you in having a successful fundraiser at our shop!

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